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    30 minutes to an hour for the mushroom sauce
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    Less than 8 minutes
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Elvis has been a recurring theme on this site.  After watching the recent Oscar nominated movie about his life, I switched over to Youtube and watched old footage of him performing in Las Vegas in the 1970s.  Wow.  It’s easy to forget how controversial his sexuality was in the early years of his career. But decades later, the pulsing sexuality of his appeal is still strong!  In his maturity, he was amazingly sexy.  That smile, those cheekbones, the flash of humor in his eyes!  In a performance in 1970 at The International, he was simply mesmerizing even though we now know he was probably high as a kite and when you study the film, he looked it.  Still, he was trim, his hair was gorgeous, and his hips were triple-X rated.  Wow.  And, then he kissed all the women on the front row, carefully giving one young teenager in glasses a sweet peck then bestowing a real smackeroo on a middle aged woman with a bouffant hairdo.  I fell in love with Elvis all over again.

The Elvis version of Wikipedia said this about his 1970s Vegas shows:

The new live shows were not just about the music or the Hillbilly cat we knew before. They were about the King himself. In other words, they were about glitter and glitz as well as musicianship. They were choreographed around his image- his arrival on the stage was dramatized, as was his departure. Elvis worked for each crowd as if it would be his last. No longer the supercharged Hillbilly Cat, Elvis was now consummate professional: smooth, powerful, and passionate, already seeming more myth than man.

Elvis had an intuitive feeling about what his audience wanted to hear. The order of the songs was strictly Elvis’ choice, though he welcomed suggestions from his musicians. There were surprisingly few special effects and little emphasis on production values. Elvis was on the show.

What does Elvis have to do with this recipe?  Nothing and everything.  It was Friday night and I wanted a really red and juicy steak along with a potato and a glass of good red wine.  Pretty basic, I know.  But sometimes a little testosterone is exactly what a girl needs.  I made the preparation and enjoyment of this meal last over the course of an evening with Elvis and I enjoyed every minute of it… right until the moment when Elvis left the building.


Liberally coat the steak with salt and pepper. Let it rest at room temperature for about 20 minutes. Then grill it, about 3 minutes on both sides over medium high heat. Tent the steak with foil and let it rest for 10 minutes. Then stop dancing and sit down and eat your dinner.


Prime Ribeye Grilled

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