Thai Turkey Lettuce Wraps

  • Prep Time
    1 hour
  • Cook Time
    20 minutes
  • Serving
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    Taste your turkey mixture and the sauces as you go! Not too much soy sauce -- this can get salty quickly and you need the lime juice and sugars to balance it out.

    Step 1

    Cook crumbled ground meat in skillet with onions and peppers and ginger and garlic. Don't burn the garlic!

    Step 2

    Add all other ingredients EXCEPT cilantro and sauce ingredients.

    Step 3

    Make cooking sauce: Mix soy sauce, brown sugar to taste, fish sauce (not too much), lime juice, rice wine and a little tamarind sauce. Pour this into your ground turkey mixture in the skillet

    Step 4

    Make your dipping sauce: Use the cooking sauce and add a sugar cube and lime juice to taste, a few slices of banana pepper and mint leaves.

    Step 5

    Add cilantro to your turkey mixture.

    Step 6

    Fill a lettuce cup with a heaping mound of turkey mixture, sprinkle with cilantro and peppers.

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