Pan Fried Samurai Wagyu Steak

  • Prep Time
    10 minutes
  • Cook Time
    8 minutes
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Female samurai – also known as Onna-Bugeisha.  The most famous female samurai was Tomoe Gozen who was said to be lovely, fierce, loyal and ruthless. What working woman doesn’t feel embattled on a daily basis?  One night when you are feeling particularly deserving, and perhaps weary, reward yourself with this expensive small thinly cut rib-eye Wagyu steak.  I highly recommend a subscription to Crowd Cow which will allow you to keep a cache of the best quality meat and seafood in your freezer.  Take out the frozen steak in the morning and move it to the frig.  It will be perfectly thawed when you get home from work.  Sear it fiercely.  Eat it mindfully.  Savor your accomplishments. Like a lady samurai.



    Thaw the steak in the refrigerator (not on the counter because the steak is so well marbled, the fat will melt at room temperature).

    Step 1

    Heat a cast iron pan over medium high to high heat. No need for olive oil or butter - this steak has plenty of fat!

    Step 2

    While the pan is heating, heavily salt and pepper both sides of the steak.

    Step 3

    Sear the steak for about 3 or 4 minutes on both sides. Remove from heat and cover with aluminum foil and rest for at least 5 minutes.

    Step 4

    Plate and serve with something simple, potatoes or a green salad. This steak is so rich and unctious, it is almost like eating foie gras. Eat slowly and stop when you are sated. A couple of ounces of this is enough. Wrap up the left-overs and the next night, slice it paper thin and eat on a Ritz cracker with some bleu cheese. Seriously, I think it is almost better that way the second day!

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