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My favorite Pad Thai is at Café Equator on Severn in Metairie.  I have tried to get them to tell me how they make their Pad Thai sauce, but the proprietress keeps telling me to “guess.”  She probably goes into the kitchen when I leave and says, “Stupid woman, she thinks I am going to teach her how to cook Thai food!” After many guesses and countless cookbook renditions that just didn’t make the grade, I came up with this recipe.  You might want to tweak the tanginess with more or less Tamarind paste, but these proportions are pretty trustworthy.  A good Pad Thai sauce balances sweet, sour, tangy, salty and spicy.  Yes, that’s a lot going on so I strongly recommend going to a really good Thai restaurant and finding a Pad Thai dish that you like.  It goes without saying, but it’s easier to cook something that you like when you know what you like!  And, believe it or not, I have been fairly successful in getting waiters, waitresses, restaurant owners and chefs to share recipes and kitchen secrets with me.  It never hurts to ask.



    Be sure to use Thai tamarind paste. The Indian and Mexican versions are too strong. The two teaspoons of paprika either goes in this sauce or in the Pad Thai recipe when you make the stir-fry. Don't double up on the paprika when you make the Pad Thai.

    Step 1

    Mix all ingredients. This is the tamarind paste recommended by the lady at the Asian market and she knew what she was talking about. Make sure the sugar dissolves. That's it!

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