Natalie’s Meat Loaf

  • Prep Time
    15 MINUTES
  • Cook Time
    45 MINUTES
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This is a recipe that my sister Kim got from Natalie, our cousin’s granddaughter.  And here’s a picture of Natalie.  And her mother, who is our cousin’s daughter-in-law.  Can you guess who is whom???  Am I the only one who thinks they look like sisters?  I’ve never met them but Natalie’s a Harris so that gives her some street cred when it comes to food.  Kim said this meatloaf recipe is really good.  I tried it, and it was better than good, and I had to force myself to stop eating it.  So, even though I haven’t met Natalie, I’m glad I have her recipe and this cute picture to go with it.  I think she’s the one on the right… no, the left… no, the right!  Oh, well, thanks Natalie!



    You could make these several hours ahead of time, let them rest, and then re-warm in a 350 oven for five or ten minutes. The only changes I made to Natalie's recipe were that I added some minced red bell pepper, and I used bread crumbs instead of oats. 3/4 cup of milk seemed a little too much, so use your judgment on that, starting at 1/2 cup and adding the rest if you think you need it. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

    Step 1

    In a large bowl, mix: ground chuck, onion, red bell pepper, bread crumbs or oats, salt and catsup and egg. Add as much milk as you need to make a cohesive mixture that you can mold into patties.

    Step 2

    Make 6 to 8 individual patties or small loaves and place in casserole. Or, you can pat the mixture into a skillet or casserole dish.

    Step 3

    Make sauce from catsup, brown sugar and mustard. Pour some of the sauce over each meat loaf.

    Step 4

    Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes.

    Step 5

    When the casserole comes out of the oven, let the beef rest for a few minutes before serving. There will be a lot of fat that renders from the chuck, and you can sop some of it up with a French bread baguette or bun. I toasted the bun after that and served two mini meat loaves on the open faced bun.

    Step 6

    Serve on a bun or as individual meat loaves.


    Corn on the cob is a good accompaniment!

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