Jerked Miso Black Cod

  • Prep Time
    10 minutes excluding the Jerk Sauce
  • Cook Time
    24 minutes
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Do The Jerk.  Jerk this fish.  You can order frozen miso marinated Sea Bass or Black Cod from several places online including Crowd Cow.  A vacuum sealed fish fillet can be thawed in the sink under a ribbon of cold running water in no time.  If you saved a little Jerk Sauce from the Jerked Chicken you made over the weekend, you’ll have an indulgent dinner that’s as wonderful as anything a fine restaurant could put in front of you.



    Make the jerk sauce for "Jerked Chicken" and save enough for this elegant and simple dish.

    Step 1

    You need about a half cup of Jerk Sauce for each serving of fish.

    Step 2

    Scrape excess miso sauce off the fish fillet. The flavor will still be there, believe me. Coat the top of the filet with jerk sauce and place on sheet pan or in a casserole.

    Step 3

    Cook the fish at 450 degrees for 24 minutes. Serve with a wedge of lime.


    This dish is rich, with a sweetness from the miso underneath and a spicy sauce on top. An Alsatian Pinot Blanc balances the spices perfectly.

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