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This drink can be served two ways, with or without a straw.  And if that’s the most difficult decision you’re going to make today, you’re probably on Day Three at Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios.  Room 26, specifically.  I named this drink, “Marilyn in Jamaica,” because Marilyn loved it there, too.




    The beautiful coconut goblets were made by Patrice an extraordinarily talented young woman who works at Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios. These goblets carved by hand also feel perfect in the hand... they would grace the most elegant table. Of course, I couldn't serve Marilyn in Jamaica in anything more perfect.

    Step 1

    Make the cherry pomegranate syrup: Combine equal parts sugar and Pom cherry-pomegranate juice in a small saucepan. Simmer over low to medium heat until sugar is dissolved. Cool and chill. This can stay in the frig for a week.

    Step 2

    Pour the rum, Citronage, sugar syrup and lemon juice into a shaker over ice cubes. Shake, shake, shake your booty. Strain into a coconut goblet (or a pretty lowball glass) over ice.

    Step 3

    Garnish with orange peel and Luxardo cherries. Grate a little nutmeg on top, or sprinkle a pinch of Gingerbread spices on top.


    The last time I made this, I made the simple syrup with 4 ounces of pom-cherry juice and 2 ounces of pineapple juice to one cup of sugar. I used lime juice instead of lemon juice in the drink. And the result was more of a traditional rum punch like the one you are served the moment you check into Jamaica Inn.

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    • Jenny from Silver Screen Suppers

      Hiya Cindy – thanks so much for your kind contribution to my coffee fund! I have had a sleepless night so am perusing your wonderful blog at 5am UK time. I was thrilled to spot the Marilyn in Jamaica cocktail (always on the lookout for movie star related beverages). Is this your own invention or is it something served at the Jamaica Inn right now? If I win the lottery I shall get myself over there to find out! But for now, if you have any further info it would be lovely to hear more. Your site is fabulous – can you hear my tummy rumbling from where you are?! Jenny from Silver Screen Suppers xx

      • Cindy Williams

        Hi Jenny, The recipe is one I got from the bartender at Jamaica Inn. The hotel library has several pictures of Marilyn staying there with Arthur Miller (and other celebrities) back in the day. And the coconut goblets were made by a young woman who works at the hotel. It’s really a great place to go — not a big resort but old fashioned and quiet. I always pack a small tv and blu-ray player (rather than clothes!) so I can watch old movies all night. Other than my day job as a divorce lawyer, I pretty much cook and watch movies the rest of the time. I’m so glad you like my site. I like your Buy a Coffee idea … I’m giving some thought to something like that on my site. I’m counting on the lottery, too, btw. Keep in mind, Jamaica Inn is cheaper when it is blazing hot in the summer time! Cindy from MakeaDish.

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