My short trip to Jamaica was wonderfully uneventful.

It rained every day… then the sun re-emerged.  The ocean water was warm.  The food was delightful, the champagne was cold and the people were friendly but discreet.  As usual when I return to Jamaica Inn in Ocho Rios, I spent the days on the beach and the nights on my verandah.  This time, I didn’t even venture off the property… I had three days of complete relaxation and quiet meditation.  I watched movies at night, read a few books and slept like a rock.  Jamaica Inn is truly a Ticket to Paradise (which was one of the movies I watched while I was there, and I loved it!).  One of these days I’ll explore more parts of the world, but for now I just enjoy going back to a place I know and love, where the people are gracious, the beach is gorgeous and the island vibe is a sunny embrace.

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