It's time to regroup and get ready for a busy January.

But on this first weekend respite from the work world, I enjoyed some of the wonderful things my friends gave me for Christmas and a steakhouse dinner Friday night.  This porterhouse was grilled on my Big Green Egg and it was delicious with a green salad with blue cheese, a baked potato and a glass of Duckhorn merlot.  And don’t misunderstand, I ADORE going to Ruth’s Chris for a sizzling buttery rib-eye.  But you really can’t beat staying at home and watching a good movie, enjoying your own art on the walls and a conversation or two with friends on the phone.  By the way, I started watching The Menu (2022) but I couldn’t get through it.  Too disturbing without a reason to be that disturbing!  Yuck.  I’m going to have to find something better for Saturday night!

These beautiful Waterford wine glasses were gifts from Leslie and Nick.  While they are specifically designed for Pinot Noir I am using them as all-purpose wine glasses because they are too wonderful to keep in the cabinet.  I decided several years ago to start USING my “good things.”  What’s the point in saving them?  Save them for WHAT?  Every Friday night is a celebration in my book and worthy of breaking out the best china and finest crystal!  Life is too short to postpone enjoying anything.

This is the Royal Doulton King Tut that my mom and I found on Ebay and it became a Christmas gift.  I woke up one morning this week to head to work and found a “swag bag” of goodies on my doorknob that my mom had left.  Included were her handwritten notes about King Tut.  Her notation of 4 1/2 means that the mug is a small one as opposed to the larger 7 inch Royal Doulton character mugs.  Of course, I’m on the lookout for the companion mug depicting Tut’s sister-wife.  I poked some roses in my Tut mug and he reigned over my steak dinner Friday night.

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