The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It was a week of contrasts. There were some good things, some bad things and one particularly unpleasant encounter with another lawyer that we won't talk about.


The week started out great.  I made Pasta Limone with Asparagus that was absolutely delicious and better on the second day.  I made some beautiful pizza dough.  I had lunch with my mom on Saturday. See that Wedgwood Beaconsfield luncheon plate on my table?  She picked it up for just about nothing at a consignment shop and I really like it!  In fact, a lot of what is on my dining room table was curated by my discerning mom on one of her second-hand store rambles.  Mid-week, I had an Egg McMuffin with Peanut for breakfast.  Fresh flowers found a place on my table.  When it got really hot, I went sprinkler swimming in my back yard!  And, on Sunday morning, I served myself raisin toast and coffee with steamed milk.  Speaking of china, I’ve been using my Lenox Plum Blossom a lot, too, which is probably my favorite pattern because I chose it in high school and I’ve enjoyed it so much over the years!  The Wild Strawberry was originally chosen by my sister.  I love it too — it’s so cheerful and elegant — and I always think of her when I use it!


I burned my pizza and almost burned down my house.  Okay, it wasn’t quite that dramatic.  But, if you’ve noticed, I have a phobia of causing a house fire while cooking or grilling.  Probably because I once burned down my detached garage after improperly disposing of hot coals.  Don’t tell my mother – it was many, many, many years ago and she has never heard that story and she doesn’t need to hear it now.  At any rate, I had problems with my pizza oven late Saturday night and had to break out the mini fire extinguisher to avoid a disaster.  I made a foamy mess on my patio, but the near tragedy was quickly averted and the billowing flames extinguished.  Let’s hope my neighbors don’t circulate a petition to enjoin me from firing up my grill(s) late at night as I have a tendency to do!


Other than encountering an extraordinarily unhappy person who seemed determined to share her misery with me, I can't really think of anything "ugly" that happened this week. I had dinner with friends at Fleming's which was great. I had some really good things to eat at home. I watched, "99 Homes," a 2014 movie that was filmed in New Orleans, and spotted some friends who were background actors. And I worked really hard. The upcoming week promises to be busy and hectic. Bring it on! I'm ready.

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