A Swing and a Miss

Not every dish turns out to be delicious. I started the weekend off with an idea for a roasted oyster dish. Dinner was only salvaged by the bottle of champagne I opened. The oyster dish was terrible, frankly. Okay, the Bechamel I made was fine and the cheesey-chivey gratinee was good too... but the topping I conjured just didn't pair with the oysters and overall it was NOT a do-over. Well, live and learn. I did manage to put together my favorite kind of salad: crisp iceberg lettuce, red onions and blue cheese. And a cannoli from Dorignac's hit the spot. Now I'm starting my Saturday with a good cup of very strong latte and I'm hoping tonight's dinner will be more satisfying. Maybe tonight I'll stick with a big pot of spaghetti and red gravy and a bottle of Barolo. It's good to try something different once and a while even if the dish turns out to be an epic failure. It's also good to have a repertoire of dishes you KNOW you will love.

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