Plumpjack Merlot 2018

I drank this wine after not having any red wine for a while. So, when I opened it and poured a big splash into my glass, the aroma really HIT me. It was big and black-fruity and packed a punch to the nose. The texture in the glass was weighty in a way I can only describe as lush. If I have to use the word velvety, then it was a very thick brushed velvet. When I tasted it, it was blueberry pie and pepper. I liked this wine. It did NOT take a back seat to my pork chop; in fact, it became the focus of my taste buds. Maybe that means I mis-paired with my meal, but I was watching my favorite Fourth of July movie Jaws, so I definitely think I paired it perfectly with the movie.

Said the reviewers at Cask Cartel: The 2018 vintage has a beautiful and complex nose black cherry, boysenberry jam, plum, and fresh cut flowers come through first, then cardamom, nutmeg, and a touch of cocoa and vanilla enter giving the nose depth and intrigue.

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Plumpjack Merlot 2018
Brand: Plumpjack
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