Some Things You Need

This page is where you will find what you need to Make a Dish.
You might even find some things you didn’t know you needed… but you do!
On the top in blue are things and products I love.
On the bottom in green are suggested searches for things you might love too.

Products I know and love

Why you need it

  • Check out my pizza recipes!  I have been very successful in making pizzas in this oven that are better than delivery – by far!  And making a pizza in about a minute is amazing to watch.  This oven gets up to 1100 degrees but has a small footprint and is extremely affordable.
  • Don’t get me started on how much I love my Kitchenaid Stand mixer. This would make a great wedding gift.  I almost wish mine would wear out or break down so I could buy another one in a really cool color.
  • You need this more than you think you do.  Always have a fire extinguisher handy, especially if you drink and fry.
  • Everybody needs a good and well seasoned black skillet for fried chicken and cornbread, fried okra, creamed corn… you name it!
  • You need this for scooping Crab Rangoon out of hot oil.

Products you didn't know you need!

When you'll use it

  •  I use my salad spinner a LOT.  It makes iceberg lettuce nice and dry and crisp without any effort at all.
  •  Maybe you think a trash bag is just a trash bag.  Don’t you get tired of trying to tie up those flimsy bags?  Here’s the solution!
  •  These are ESSENTIAL if you live in a house where there is excess moisture.  These things literally fill up with water in a couple of weeks.  I have not had mold or mildew or musty smells in my house since I began using them.
  •  Why would you light a fire in your Big Green Egg (or Weber Kettle) any other way?