“Why God Invented Lipitor” Ribeye with Blue Cheese Crust

  • Prep Time
    20 minutes
  • Cook Time
    10 to 12 minutes
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Apparently, you’re not supposed to drink alcohol while taking statin drugs.  Well.  Life’s a trade-off.  On occasions when you decide to throw caution to the wind, buy the best quality steak you can afford.  Grill it to perfection, meaning exactly to your liking. If you want it to moo when you poke it, that’s fine.  If you have a taste for shoe leather, that’s fine too.  I used to date a man who actually apologized to the waiter every time he ordered his steak well done.  Enough already! Stop apologizing!  Like Wallace Simpson said, “Never explain, never complain.”   (And actually it was British Prime Minister Disreaeli who first said, “Never complain, never explain,” but why split hairs). It’s your body.  It’s your money.  And, it’s your steak.  Trowel a blue cheese crust on top of that big juicy steak and enjoy it.  Relax.  The cholesterol police don’t work on Friday nights.


Grilled Rib Eye

Blue Cheese Crust


    You can grill this steak or pan-fry for about two minutes on each side over very high heat.

    Step 1

    Make the blue cheese crust: Mix all ingredients together with your hands in a little bowl and set aside. The mixture should be a thick wet paste.

    Step 2

    Coat the steak with salt and pepper and let it come to room temperature while you build a hot fire in your charcoal grill.

    Step 3

    Oil the grates of your grill when you're ready to cook. Your grill thermometer should read about 450 degrees. Grill the steak about 3 minutes on each side, but watch this closely because the steak is going to cook some more when it comes off the heat. The 3 minutes per side rule is for medium rare. You should cook your steak to the temperature you like. Remove the steak and put it on an ovenproof platter or pan.

    Step 4

    Spread a layer of the blue cheese mixture on the steak. Broil on High for 2 minutes.


    This is so rich and decadent, you only need a crisp green salad. If you're planning on staying up all night and you've got a ready supply of Zantac you can add steakhouse potatoes or spinach -- whatever your cholesterol level can withstand. This is why God invented Lipitor.

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