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The olive oils for this salad came from Monterey’s Tasty Olive Bar in Monterey, California.  If you go to the Monterey Jazz Fest, stop in and buy some olive oil.  Otherwise, go online and have it shipped to you.  It’s worth it.  Their products are great.  This salad came together because I saw some really big good looking walnuts at Dorignac’s and I just wanted a crisp green salad with a sweet and tangy vinaigrette to go with them.  Use any lettuce you like, but romaine stands up nicely to these bold ingredients.  Adjust the proportions to your taste.  For me, this is a main course!  The French “feta” was milder than Greek feta and to my taste perfect with the lemony-honey dressing.  This is an easy but INDULGENT dish.


Lemon Honey Vinaigrette

Walnut Salad

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