Perfect Boiled Eggs (Stuffed)

  • Prep Time
    12 minutes
  • Cook Time
    12 minutes
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Did you know that Vincent Price who so brilliantly played Egghead on Batman was a gourmet cook in his own right?  And an art lover??  I’m guessing he was a bit of a perfectionist too, and that’s where this “recipe” which really isn’t a recipe comes in.  Boiled egg yolks rimmed in green are truly a HORROR.  No reputable restaurant or hostess would serve a salad with overcooked boiled eggs.  Part of being a good cook is cooking the simple things right, like boiled eggs.  You should always have some fresh eggs in your frig because you never know when you might need a fried egg sandwich or a deviled egg in the middle of the night.  This is comfort food at its most basic — if done with care.



    Set your timer and don't overcook! And if you do, start over.

    Step 1

    Place eggs in a saucepan and cover with water by at least an inch. Plan for 2 or 3 eggs per person.

    Step 2

    Over medium high to high heat, bring the water and eggs up to a rolling boil. Let the eggs boil about a minute.

    Step 3

    Leave the eggs on the burner but turn off the heat. Cover. Set your timer for 10 minutes.

    Step 4

    Run cold water over the eggs and peel.

    Step 5

    Slice the eggs in half. You can sprinkle them with Kosher salt and pepper and eat plain. Or, scoop out the yolk, mix with mayonnaise and stuff the egg halves. Be creative - add chopped cook bacon, smoke salmon, etc.

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