Smoked Turkey Pate

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My mom used to make this during the holidays and it is soooo good.  The only thing you need be concerned with is that if you serve it before you carve the roasted turkey, your guests will be full of smoked turkey pate before they sit down to the dinner table.  The last few years, I have ordered a smoked turkey from Greenberg Smoked Turkey, Inc. in Tyler Texas.  I strongly recommend them.  My frig has smelled like a smoked turkey the last three days (which is a good thing).  And tonight, I had the pate with crackers and cheese and apples… and, um, champagne… for Christmas night supper.  It was just right after all the Chinese food Betty and I ate for Christmas Dinner at Royal China!



    Step 1

    Grind the smoked turkey in a food processor.

    Step 2

    Put the turkey in a bowl. Add enough mayonnaise just to make it spreadable.

    Step 3

    Sprinkle very finely chopped pecans on top of the pate.

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