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This was an all-day lazy Sunday project, and the results were worth every minute.  As a rule, you should smoke a pork butt at 225 degrees for 2 hours per pound.  So, when I found a 2.5 pound bone-in pork butt at Dorignac’s, I knew I needed an hour to build my fire, five hours to cook and an hour to rest the pork after I took it off the grill. I kept a close eye on the grill all day, adjusting the top and bottom vents of my Big Green Egg as needed.  Still, my fire died down about 3 1/2 hours into the b-b-que at which time I transferred the foil wrapped roast to the Traeger Pig set to 225 degrees.  Next time, I may follow that procedure “on purpose,” as it imparted the perfect amount of smoke.  As for the sauce, you can make your own or order the famous Golden Rule sauce from Irondale, Alabama.  I keep a stash of it in my pantry.  It’s a vinegar based sauce, bold and tangy, perfect for smoked pork.  And if you’re ever driving from Birmingham to Atlanta, be sure to stop at Golden Rule and have some of the best bar-b-q you’ve ever eaten.




Cole Slaw


    Build a fire. I started this one in my Big Green Egg and threw in a handful of mesquite smoking chips. I also put a water pan inside the grill between the coals and the pork. This kept the meat moist without spritzing all day. Get a steady 225 degrees before you add the pork.

    Step 1

    Slather the pork with hot-dog style mustard and liberally sprinkle a good bar-b-que spice all over it. Give the roast a good massage to rub the spices and mustard into all the nooks and crannies.

    Step 2

    Just before you put the roast on the grill, throw a handful of hickory wood chips on the coals, and place a water pan between the coals and the meat.

    Step 3

    Put the meat on the grill. Close the lid and now you just need to go watch a movie or clean house. But don't forget about your fire. That grill needs to stay at a steady 225 degrees or as close as you can get to it for as long as you can keep it at that temp. So, watch it!

    Step 4

    When the meat has reached an internal temperature of 160 degrees, wrap it in two sheets of heavy aluminum foil, and return it to the smoker. It's good to have a remote meat thermometer to monitor the temp.

    Step 5

    Smoke the pork for five hours (or two hours per pound). You should have an internal temp of 200 degrees or thereabouts. If your fire dies down, you have 3 choices: add more coals to the fire, transfer roast to the oven, OR move the roast to your Traeger pellet grill set at 225 degrees. Adding more coals would be tricky as you would have to get the fire going again and bring it down to 225 degrees. I recommend an alternate heat source.

    Step 6

    When the pork has been smoking/cooking for five hours, remove it to your cutting board. Unwrap the foil, but leave the roast loosely tented with the foil for another 45 minutes to an hour. The roast should be so tender that you can just slip the bone out of it.

    Step 7

    Chop, shred or pull the pork for sandwiches.

    Step 8

    You can douse the meat with some of the sauce (I highly recommend that). Just don't drown everything in that sauce. It's good, but you want to taste the sweet smoky pork, too!

    Step 9

    Make Cole Slaw: Mix all ingredients and set aside for 30 minutes (if more than that, put it back in the frig).

    Step 10

    Pile the pork on a bun, add a little Golden Rule sauce, and top with cole slaw. OMG, this is good.

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