Silverado Cabernet Sauvignon 2017 Napa Valley

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My initial and uneducated thoughts on this wine:  very soft tannins, very red-fruity and very drinkable if not a little “one-note-ish.”  Fancy cherries and a tad minty.  Long finish and a nice mouth feel.  So, after making my own notes, I checked the experts, and read that the wine is 13 percent Merlot with cherry and currant flavors and long supple tannins.  Several reviewers described the wine as “complex.”  That was not my take on the wine but I have to say I kept pouring and sipping and tasting and it got increasingly velvety and more delicious.  So, okay, I’ll concede it was complex but complex in the way that Paul Newman’s face is complex, which is NOT to say that it’s inscrutable, but that it’s beautiful and likeable at the same time.

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