Frenchie’s Kir Royale

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There’s a restaurant in Coral Gables, Fl called Frenchie’s which is owned by a charming man named Gabriel who told me he is from Brittany.  The pictures above are popular tourist spots in Brittany and I have to say the Northwest corner of France looks like a wonderful place.  Anyway, I dined at Frenchie’s and had a nice conversation with its owner while I was vacationing at The Biltmore over the holidays.  It was a quaint and welcoming bistro that served predictably very good homey French food, stewed chicken, duck confit, Salad Nicoise, you get the picture!  Gabriel also makes an excellent Kir Royale with good champagne and a pretty lemon twist… in a coupe glass which I love!  I will definitely go back to Frenchie’s when I return to Miami.  And maybe I’ll plan a trip to Brittany, too.


Kir Royale


    Step 1

    Use good champagne but not your best, and a good Cassis. That's all you have to know. Pour a little liqueur in the bottom of the champagne glass, fill the glass with champagne and garnish with a lemon twist. You do not have to measure! You can pour a thimble full of cassis in the drink or an ounce -- it depends on how much of the liqueur's flavor you want to taste in the drink. I think I poured about 1 TBS. in the bottom of my glass but a little more or less would have been delicious too.

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