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There is just nothing better than a fresh plump juicy briny oyster… unless that oyster is FRIED.  My first memory of fried oysters was when my Papa Harris took the family to a seafood restaurant in Daytona Beach, Florida, in the early 1960’s when I was, oh, about five years old.  Notwithstanding the rampant sexism of that era, Papa Harris’s gentle pat on the waitress’s derriere provoked quite a heated discussion at the table.  By the time the adults calmed down, I had eaten an entire platter of fried oysters.  Papa Harris was disproportionately amused and proud of my Harris-sized appetite, but maybe he was just eager to change the subject.  I always felt like we were sharing a secret, but I’m not sure what it was.  I just knew we were very accepting of each other.  Eating fried oysters reminds me of Papa Harris.

Be sure to use a good clean oil.  I like this blend.

I like this Fish Fry mix, too.




    Have a good candy thermometer for your oil. Pour about four inches of oil in a pot, large sauce pan or Dutch oven. Slowly bring up the oil temperature to 375 degrees.

    Step 1

    Soak the oysters in milk for about 30 minutes.

    Step 2

    Drop the oysters in a bowl of fish fry and thoroughly coat the oyster.

    Step 3

    Drop the oysters in the hot oil. Don't crowd them. Watch closely and try to keep your oil at about 375 degrees. When they are nicely browned and float to the top, remove them with tongs or a slotted spoon and place them on paper towels while you assemble your sandwich.

    Step 4

    Lightly toast your bread. Or use some good French bread or even a bun, whatever you like. Spread mayo or melted butter on the bread. Shredded lettuce and a tomato slice makes it "dressed," in New Orleans.


    Fried oysters would be delicious with white wine, champagne or beer. They would also be great on a Caesar salad, or just dipped in remoulade sauce or even catsup.

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