Chicken Thighmaster with Lemon, Rosemary & Garlic

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    10 minutes
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    1 1/2 hours
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According to Wikipedia:  Suzanne Marie Somers (née Mahoney; October 16, 1946 – October 15, 2023) was an American actress, author, singer, and businesswoman in the health and wellness industry. She played the television roles of Chrissy Snow on Three’s Company (1977–1981) and Carol Foster Lambert on Step by Step (1991–1998). Somers wrote more than 25 books, including two autobiographies, four diet books, and a book of poetry. She was also well-known for advertising the ThighMaster, an exercise device. While 14 of her books were best sellers and most were focused on health and well-being, doctors criticized her promotion of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and alternative cancer treatments.

When I decided to pick up chicken thighs at Dorignac’s, I instantly thought of Suzanne Somers who recently died on October 15, 2023 at age 76.  Suzanne Somers and the sit-com she was on certainly made an impression on me when I was growing up.  Three’s Company was on the air from 1977 to 1984.  However, when Suzanne demanded to be paid as much as her mail co-star John Ritter, she was eventually fired.  Her demand was a bold move, and all working women should remember her courage with gratitude.

Her first big break was “the blonde in the Thunderbird,” in American Graffiti (1973).  After her success in Three’s Company, she famously marketed an exercise device called The Thighmaster.  I’m pretty sure there was one of those in our house at some point, although I cannot remember using it.  Suzanne apparently made a fortune on that thing.  She battled breast cancer for decades and became an advocate for non-traditional treatments.  She was a gorgeous woman, and in every interview I have ever seen of her, she was sweet and warm and funny.  Clearly, she was no “dumb blonde,” even though she played one on t.v.  Suzanne’s death at such a young age is sad.  But I have a feeling she would like to know people still laugh at her silly portrayal of Chrissy in that sit-com.  So, while I enjoyed my Friday evening and this REALLY DELICIOUS chicken thigh recipe, I thought of her and how fleeting life can be.

A tip about the minced fresh rosemary:  Use it sparingly because it can overwhelm a dish.  When I baked this at 415 degrees for an hour and 20 minutes, the skin was crisp and the meat was meltingly tender.  This recipe is definitely going on the regular rotation.  The Cavendar’s seasoning is key, but you could season with any combination of spices you like.  And you can get the Cavendar’s on Amazon:  Accompanying the chicken was a casserole of potatoes au gratin, and let me just say I hit that one out of the park this time. I steeped a few big cloves of garlic in a pot of heavy cream.  I steamed the sliced potatoes so that they were slightly softened before I layered them in the casserole. Be sure to salt each layer of potatoes, and sprinkle cheese over each layer also, as you assemble the dish.  As usual, I took the potatoes in and out of the oven a few times as they cooked beside the chicken.  When the potatoes looked like they were getting too brown around the edges, I removed the dish. Then when I thought the chicken had about thirty more minutes to go, I put the potatoes back in.  That’s what happens at my house when I’m slow-watching a movie and slow-cooking dinner at the same time!  And, of course, a loaf of that good Italian bread from Dorignac’s was perfect to sop up sauce.  A crisp white French wine put the meal over the top.  By the time Keith Richards showed up on the Jimmy Fallon show, it was a party up in here!  Enjoy!  Enjoy!  Enjoy!


Roasted Chicken Thighs


    I figured one thigh per person, but the thighs are not huge, so if you have a big appetite, you might allocate two thighs per person!

    Step 1

    Prepare the chicken in the dish. Place the thighs skin side up in the casserole. Pour the olive oil over them and all around. Pour the lemon juice around the thighs. Heavily season the chicken with the Cavendar's seasoning. Sprinkle chopped garlic over everything, and then sprinkle rosemary sparingly over the entire dish.

    Step 2

    Turn the thighs skin side down and let them marinate that way a few minutes. When you turn them back to skin side up, put a few pats of very soft butter on each thigh.

    Step 3

    Bake at 415 degrees for about an hour and 20 minutes. You can have a dance party while this cooks because it takes a while. I enjoyed old videos of the Stones on Youtube. Serve with plenty of crusty bread and a glass of white wine!

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