Canned Asparagus Salad

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Back in the ’80’s Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse on Broad Street in New Orleans served a canned asparagus salad.  Canned chilled asparagus on crisp iceberg lettuce.  The blue cheese dressing was de rigueur.  Plenty of cracked black pepper on top.  Somehow, the smoky atmosphere of the crowded bar, the sizzling lamb chops and the men wearing Hermes bow ties made me feel so much more grown up than I was.  Canned asparagus is no longer politically correct, but I always keep a can in my frig for this salad and it always reminds me of Warren and Mark and Frank and Larry and Hugh and Kenny … oh, so many handsome men, so many memories .  I love this moment in time.



    Just keep a can of asparagus in your frig. Why not?

    Step 1

    Open the chilled can of asparagus and drain in a colander.

    Step 2

    As per Frank Sinatra: "Drinkin' again and thinkin' of when, when you loved me I'm havin' a few and wishin' that you were here.“ Drinking Again (The World We Knew, 1967)

    Step 3

    Make dressing: Put mayonnaise in large Pyrex measuring cup or bowl, add blue cheese, chopped shallot, cream and buttermilk and sour cream. Squeeze the juice of half a lemon, stir and refrigerate.

    Step 4

    When you are ready to eat, place asparagus on bed of iceberg lettuce or romaine. Nap with the blue cheese dressing and crack some black pepper over it and serve.

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