This four episode series developed by Steven Moffat aired first on the BBC and then on Netflix in the Fall of 2022. Stanley Tucci is mesmerizing as always. In fact, after the first episode, I felt that there hadn’t been enough Tucci-time, and I was a little confused about where this story was going. (Apparently, I wasn’t the only one as many viewers took to social media after the first episode aired on BBC and said they had no idea what was going on). Keep watching. Tucci plays a convicted murderer on death row who selectively solves crimes while philosophizing that we can all become murderers under the right set of circumstances. His death row sidekick played by Atkins Estimond is hilariously horrific. There are aspects of this series, primarily plot problems, that intrude on the viewer’s need to suspend disbelief but overall this is an enjoyable way to spend a couple of nights. I mean, come on, it’s Stanley Tucci. Who doesn’t love Stanley Tucci??? I found these reviews on Wikipedia:

The Guardian described it as being a “funny and typically meaty mystery from Steven Moffat”.  But Pat Stacey, writing in the Irish Independent said, “Probably the most foolish scene of all came in Tuesday’s finale when Mary threatens journalist Beth (Lydia West) … with a breadknife while making ‘whoosh’ sounds. This nudged Inside Man into full-blown sitcom territory. Strange, that, since Moffat seemed to want to say something serious about human nature and people’s capacity for violence.” Anita Singh of The Daily Telegraph said, “Moffat can throw any amount of good lines or clever little plot twists into this show, but it is built on a flaw so fundamental that it’s impossible to get past it.”

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Year: 2022