Goodbye to a Golf Friend

I hadn't spoken to Sally in years, and there were only a few years during which I had the privilege of being around her. Pre-Katrina, during a time when I played golf on week days (!), Sally was a golf friend. It has been my observation that the way a person plays golf generally reflects the kind of person she is. Sally had a backswing that was so big, the head of her club almost touched her ankle. When she followed through, her feet came off the ground. She was a fierce but friendly competitor. She laughed a lot. I will never forget the summer in 1994 when we played in Asheville, NC and when the trick golf ball we substituted for hers on the green started zig-zagging impossibly, she laughed sooooo hard. We all did. Sally will always be part of some of my best memories. She died much too young this past week. She's on the left in the pictures below. And that's my friend Claire on the right. I was feeling so lucky when those pictures were taken, so lucky I had friends like that. I still feel lucky that I have those memories.

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