It was a rough week but somehow it was also a week filled with friends and food and restaurants.  Monday started off with an unexpected dinner at Fleming’s in Metairie with one of my favorite dinner dates.  Remember when men ordered for women in restaurants?  It’s sooo 19th century, right?  And, believe me, if I went on a date with a man I didn’t know and he PRESUMED to order for me, I would never speak to him again.  But, this is someone I’ve known for decades and he’s kind of old-school and knows how to pull this off (I’m not sure anyone else could).  The waiter asked how I wanted my steak cooked, and my date answered medium rare.  Don’t talk to me, talk to the man!  I’m not sure the waiter really understood what was going on.  He may have thought I was incapable of speech or that I was the unfortunate victim of domestic coercion.  Little did he know.  I was having a blast with a very charming friend.



Everybody who knows me knows how much I love Ruth’s Chris steaks.  They sizzle in butter and you leave the restaurant smelling like a steak.  Talk about a power dinner.  On Wednesday night, I had a glass of Silver Oak cabernet and another testosterone inspiring dinner with friends.  And really good french fries.  And fresh fruit with Ruth’s sweet cream sauce.  Despite the hectic work week, things were working out pretty well for me.


Okay, here’s where the duck fat fries come in.  OMG, they are so good.  The waitress said she had one order of boudin with mustard sauce left.  All three of us wanted it — guess who didn’t get it.  But, I got a taste of it and it was delicious.  As was the crawfish enchilada, the goat cheese salad and the roasted duck.  Not to mention the Leidenheimer bread which we ate like butter po-boys.  We shared a wonderful Spanish Rioja and several memorable desserts.  We laughed a LOT.  By the way, we had a designated driver who drank iced tea.  Poor thing.

And lunch on Friday at Rosedale!

As always, lunch at Rosedale was wonderful.  My friend and I sat outside in perfect weather.  We ordered “Charlottes,” which were made with jalapeno infused vodka!  The fried cauliflower was delicious.  And it was the perfect start to my weekend.  Life is good when you eat well and have friends, right?  TGIF and Bon Appetit!

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