This was one of the best Saturday nights I have had all year.  The work week ended on a great note, with a successful result after a hard two day trial. Justice was served.  Life seems right, almost too good.  These are the moments we have to revel in and enjoy because they give us the inspiration to keep going.  I watched a good movie and enjoyed spending time with my dogs on the patio as it rained.  I opened a good bottle of wine and made an easy meal, but one that was soooo good. Doing things for others is important but doing little things for yourself is also a worthy endeavor.  Never forget to count your blessings.

This was a lovely wine about a half hour after it was opened...
It was described by "the experts," as luscious and rich with thick layers
of dark fruit, plum, cherry, leather and tilled earth. (Robert Parker).
I thought I sensed a lavender or eucalyptus note but maybe that was the "leather."
At any rate, it improved significantly as it opened up and it was complex enough to hold my interest, and I can't wait to open the second bottle.
(Purchased at Dorignac's, July, 2022).

Just one of my many blessings... I get to share my life with this sweet little Peanut.

Who doesn't love having a Chinese restaurant at the corner?

Appetizers are served while the pork roast is smoking...
getting ready for July 4th!

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