Secrets of a Tastemaker Al Copeland: The Cookbook

When I first came to New Orleans in the early 80’s, eating at Copeland’s was a transformative experience. The flavors were SO amazing, and the atmosphere was energetic and friendly. The number of Popeye’s fried chicken outlets in New Orleans is a testament to Copeland’s culinary genius. The long line of cars at the Metairie Popeye’s around lunch time is a menace to traffic on Veterans Blvd. I have not in 40 years attempted to fry chicken because WHY WOULD I when you can drive through Popeye’s and get the best fried chicken ever in the entire world. Here’s a fact: Popeye’s fried chicken is great with Champagne. Try it! Al Copeland the man was a legendary character in New Orleans. For many people it was a Christmas tradition to drive by his home and gaze at the fantastic light display. Everything about Al Copeland was bigger than life, including his love of fast boats and cars, pretty women and conspicuous bling. The irony of his untimely demise was not lost on this City. A cancer in his neck spread to his salivary glands, a tragic ending for a Supertaster. This cookbook is an homage not only to Copeland but also to the City of New Orleans. He loved the City and New Orleans loved him. These recipes are familiar to New Orleans cooks but having them at your fingertips will remind you to season your dishes BOLDLY and fearlessly. If there’s one thing to learn from Big Al and this cookbook, it’s that food and life are better served SPICEY.

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Secrets of a Tastemaker Al Copeland: The Cookbook
Author: Chris Rose and Kit Wohl
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American; Food Memoir




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