Club sandwiches remind me of room service and casino food!

Club sandwiches are  a vacation staple but don’t wait until you’re at the Ritz Carlton looking for something to eat in the middle of the night to have one.  These double or triple decker sandwiches are delicious, easy and special.  Cook some really good bacon until crisp but not TOO crisp.  Slice some smoked turkey thinly (I like Greenberg smoked turkey – see my recipe for smoked turkey pate).  I  also like honey wheat bread lightly toasted, a generous slather of mayo and a thin slice of Swiss cheese.  Lettuce adds the crunch.  A juicy salted slice of tomato adds freshness and flavor. If you’re really treating yourself, serve yourself some crinkle cut fries on the side.  Eat in bed and call it room service!  You don’t have to travel to go on vacation.

This is the beautiful Waterford vase
that my mom got me for Christmas.
She knows how much I enjoy my weekly roses.
Now I have the perfect crystal vase to showcase them.

And this is Peanut smiling in his sleep.
Good Night...

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